Clinical and Related Waste Management Policy

Applicable to: All WA Health facilities

Description: The OD provides the minimum requirements for the management of clinical and related waste generated by WA Health facilities.

Legal requirements:

  • Environmental Protection Act
  • 1986 Environmental Protection (Controlled Waste) Regulations
  • 2004 Radiation Safety Act
  • 1975 Poisons Act 1964

Clinical and Related Waste Management Policy

Compliance with this Operational Directive is mandatory

WA Health facilities are responsible for the handling and management of all their waste, including clinical and related waste, from the point of generation until the final point of safe disposal regardless of who may be contracted to provide that service.

The Clinical and Related Waste Management Policy describes the minimum requirements to be adhered to by WA Health to ensure clinical and related waste is segregated, stored, transported and disposed of in a manner that minimises the risk of public exposure to potentially contaminated material and minimises environmental impact. It applies to healthcare that is provided both within a facility and through healthcare at home programs.

 The Clinical and Related Waste Management Policy has been revised:

  • To incorporate relevant elements from the superseded WA Health waste policies (ODs 0258/09, 0259/09, 0260/09, 0261/09) to create a single policy outlining the health facility requirements for managing waste; and
  • to allow the use of new technologies and processes for waste management, including maceration/autoclave treatment, instead of incineration, of contaminated sharps, and the interstate transport of clinical waste for the purpose of incineration.

Rebecca Brown

Date of effect: 01 January 2016 to 31 December 2021

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