Monitoring of External Reviews Policy - No longer applicable - Rescinded 27 September 2022

Applicable to: This policy applies to Health Service Providers

Description: The overall management of the WA health system is the responsibility of the Department Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The functions of the Department CEO include overseeing, monitoring and promoting improvements in the safety and quality of health services provided by HSP's.

This policy supports the Department CEO in fulfilling those functions by requiring HSP's to report on External Reviews conducted by oversighting bodies or commissioned as a result of a Ministerial Inquiry.

The Principle of the Policy is to ensure that:

  • The Department CEO is provided with timely and useful information in regard to External Reviews to enable proper evaluation of the impact of Review outcomes on one or more HSP's or across the whole WA health system. 

Date of effect: 01 June 2016

Policy Framework