Transport Aircraft Travel by contractors and employees Insurance

Applicable to: Employees and Contractors

The Operational Directive sets out the policy concerning personal accident insurance arrangements and charter flight standards for contractors when travelling by aircraft where travel is arranged and paid for by the Department of Health or Health Service. The policy also prohibits the use of private aircraft by officers in the course of their employment.

Transport: Aircraft Travel by contractors and employees: Insurance and Charter Flight Standards; Use of Private Aircraft

This Policy:

1. Clarifies the application of Personal Accident Insurance cover for Contractors (ie non-salaried officers) in the event of injury or death occurring in the course of air travel where that travel is organised and paid by the Department of Health (DoH) or Health Service.

2. Establishes the minimum standards in respect to the engagement of charter flight operators.

3. Proscribes employees, in the course of their employment, piloting a plane or flying as passenger in a plane piloted by a non-professional pilot. 

The Policy was prepared in consultation with the State Solicitor’s Office and RiskCover and provides direction to the DoH and health services. Compliance with this Operational Directive is mandatory.

Dr Peter Flett

Date of effect: 15 November 2008 to 15 November 2013

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