Requirement for Notifications of Abortions Under the Health Act 1911

Applicable to: Medical practitioners

Description: This information circular advises medical practitioners on the legal requirement to notify abortions.

Legal requirements: Health Act 1911

Requirement for Notifications of Abortions Under the Health Act 1911

It is a statutory requirement of the Health Act 1911 that all induced abortions performed in Western Australia are notified to the Executive Director, Public Health. The performance of abortion, when the gestation of the pregnancy is 20 weeks or more, requires previous approval from a medical panel appointed by the Minister for Health. The abortion must be provided in a facility approved by the Minister for Health, namely King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women. 

Any medical practitioner who performs a termination of pregnancy (induced abortion) must notify the Department of Health of the event within 14 days of the abortion being performed.

The information is required for surveillance and monitoring of pregnancy termination procedures, and the data are used for reporting and the planning of public health programs. The regular report from the Abortion Notification System is published at

Notification must be made using the Notification by Medical Practitioner of Induced Abortion form (Form1). The form, with a guideline for its use, is provided free of charge. The form is available from the Manager, Maternal and Child Health Unit, Data Integrity Directorate on 9222 2417. 

For more information on how to notify and the information required, please refer to:

Dr Tarun Weeramanthri

Date of effect: 01 September 2015 to 01 September 2020

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