Training requirements for hospital response teams and emergency management personnel

Applicable to: Disaster Preparedness and Management

Revised training expectations for staff who may potentially respond to a major incident including hospital response team members and emergency management personnel.

Training requirements for hospital response teams and emergency management personnel

The Department of Health (WA Health) has an obligation within WESTPLAN - Health to ensure that an efficient health response can be activated to meet health disaster and emergency management requirements. All health service personnel required to perform duties in disasters should have training in the performance of those duties. Training is essential to ensure a coordinated response by WA Health personnel.

To provide training requirement guidelines for hospital response team (HRT) and emergency management personnel responding to a major disaster.

1.    Hospital Response Teams
To facilitate an effective response, HRT members deployed to an incident are required to be familiar with the Major Incident Medical Management Systems (MIMMS) principles. Staff are strongly encouraged to have current MIMMS training. MIMMS is valid for three years and available at team member level and advanced.

1.1  Minimum requirements
Where possible, HRT staff are encouraged to hold current MIMMS training at the following levels:

  • MIMMS advanced:
    • Health commander
    • Senior doctor
    • Senior nurse
  • MIMMS team member:
    • Triage staff
    • Transport nurse
    • All other team members

2.Staff with Disaster Management Responsibilities
As a minimum, staff should have completed one of the following courses:

  • Introduction to Emergency Management Arrangements (W.A) course, e-learning package available on the public health website.
  • Other relevant emergency management courses pertaining to the position of the staff member, these may include Management of Chemical, Biological and Radiological Incidents, Regional Disaster Training etc.
  • MIMMS Advanced Course. 

Monitoring and Review
The Disaster Preparedness and Management Unit are responsible for the monitoring and review of this document on an annual basis.

Professor Tarun Weeramanthri

Date of effect: 24 October 2013 to

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