SMHS Board Chair Rob McDonald

South Metropolitan Health Service Board Chair Mr Rob McDonald
South Metropolitan Health Service Board Chair Mr Rob McDonald

With a keen desire to continue working in WA Health after three years at the helm of the NMHS Governing Council, Rob McDonald has his sights firmly set on making sure our health service continues to provide a high standard of public health care in WA.

“As the Chair of the NMHS Governing Council, I was able to see first-hand how WA Health makes a difference to the lives of many people – and my new role as Interim SMHS Board Chair will enable me to build upon this work and continue to make a difference,” Rob said.

Rob comes to his new post at SMHS after having spent more than 30 years working in the public service, including being an Executive Director for WA Police and a Director in Agency Resources at Treasury and Finance. It was during his six years at Treasury that his interest in health really developed.

“I quickly worked out that the health system faces a continuous stream of competing issues and demands and its budget and resources are inherently constrained,” he said.

“Having a role to play in health’s future means a lot to me professionally and personally and I’m taking my new responsibilities very seriously.”

As Chair, Rob is aiming to provide strong leadership and governance to SMHS. He recognises the need for some changes and he’s hopeful the Board will work collaboratively with the SMHS CE and Executive to help facilitate the delivery of safe, high quality health care to the community of WA.

Although members are yet to meet as a collective to decide their priority areas, Rob anticipates looking at key issues such as strategic planning, patient safety and quality, clinical governance, clinical engagement, and financial management.

“The reality is we can’t keep doing things as we have been. Ever increasing demand coupled with increased patient expectations - but contrasted with finite budgets and resources - will not change any time soon,” he said

“We are all in this together. The reality is that every single one of us will need to work smarter in a more integrated way. Both WA Health and SMHS are incredibly complex organisations, but if we all work together we can certainly accomplish a lot. The WA community expects – and deserves - no less.”

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