SMHS Environmental Sustainability Framework

Various icons representing sustainability issues such as water, transport, waste management and the environment

The Western Australian Government’s Sustainable Health Review Final Report (PDF 3MB) identified eight enduring strategies that will ensure the State continues to provide high quality healthcare while striving towards a more sustainable future.

South Metropolitan Health Service (SMHS) is committed to driving opportunities to reduce its carbon footprint and work towards financial and environmental sustainability.

In April 2019 SMHS endorsed its Sustainability Framework (PDF 133B). The framework is in line with SMHS’ strategic priorities and supports recommendation 5 of the Sustainable Health Review Final Report (PDF 3MB) – 'Reduce the health system’s environmental footprint and ensure mitigation and adaptation strategies are in place to respond to the health impacts and risks of climate change. Set ongoing targets and measures aligned with established national and international goals.'

The framework is based on the ‘comprehensive framework of 10 interconnected goals for the health sector to address and promote greater sustainability and environmental health’ as per the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals (GGHH) Agenda (external site).

SMHS became a member of the GGHH Network in May 2019. This membership is global recognition of SMHS’ commitment to reduce the environmental impacts contributed by the healthcare sector, aligns SMHS with best practice approaches in environmental sustainability and provides access to resources and communication platforms going forward.

SMHS is taking proactive steps to minimise its contribution to climate change and endeavours to progress climate and sustainability goals throughout 2019 and into the future.