SMHS Aboriginal Health Strategy

The South Metropolitan Health Service is committed to improving health outcomes for Aboriginal people accessing our services. 

We deliver high-quality, culturally appropriate services to the 8,100 Aboriginal people living within our catchment area and to all Aboriginal people from across our state who access services at Fremantle, Fiona Stanley and Rockingham hospitals.

Our Aboriginal Health Strategy team is based at Fiona Stanley Hospital and works closely with the Aboriginal community, our Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal staff and other stakeholders to ensure we deliver high-quality and culturally appropriate services.

We achieve our goals by focussing on three key areas:

  • Community and consumer engagement – we aim to achieve better health outcomes by engaging with our Aboriginal community and consumers in the design and delivery of services to Aboriginal people.
  • Cultural security – we aim to incorporate the cultural rights, values, beliefs and expectations of Aboriginal people in the design and delivery of services to Aboriginal people.
  • Aboriginal workforce – we work closely with our Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal staff, and external training providers to improve the recruitment and retention of Aboriginal people into our workforce.

Email us for enquiries regarding our Aboriginal initiatives and programs.