Our services at South Metropolitan Health Service

The South Metropolitan Health Service provides hospitals and health services with expertise to better meet your health care needs.

We aim to deliver high-quality and safe health care to people living in Perth’s south metropolitan area.

Our focus is on ensuring you receive the right care, at the right time, in the right place, by the right team.

If the services you require are not available at your hospital, you will be referred or transferred to another hospital or health service that can meet your needs. This may be another facility in the south metropolitan area or elsewhere in Perth, depending on your needs.

All of our hospitals and health services work together. As a result, you may receive your health care at more than one hospital or health service. For example, you may receive your initial surgery at a tertiary hospital and your follow-up care at another hospital closer to your home.

Be assured, regardless of the location, you will be referred to the right hospital or health service to meet your needs. 

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