Information for GPs referring to South Metropolitan Health Service

The South Metropolitan Health Service (SMHS) prides itself on meeting the health care needs of our expanding population.

Outpatient audit

South Metropolitan Health Service (SMHS) is commencing an outpatient reform project in July 2019.

In preparation for this, SMHS outpatient waitlist data is being audited to provide an accurate picture of the number of referred patients awaiting their first outpatient appointment.

From mid-July patients may be contacted to determine if an appointment is still required. Some patients may require a reassessment by their GP to determine if a specialist referral is still required.

If a patient is unable to be contacted during this process, the referrer/GP will be contacted to determine if the referral is still required.

Outpatient waitlist audit hotlines have been created to answer GP and patient queries regarding this process:

  • Fiona Stanley Hospital and Fremantle Hospital – phone the hotline on 6152 4510
  • Rockingham Peel Group – phone the hotline 95994310. 

The WA Health Central Referral Service provides a coordinated outpatient referral system for patients who require a first specialist outpatient appointment within the public health system.

This helps patients to receive their care within a clinically-appropriate timeframe, and in the most appropriate location.

To refer a patient, referrers should complete a standardised referral form and send it to the CRS. Experienced nurses will then allocate the referral to the most appropriate hospital for each patient based on location, speciality, and level of service required.

The CRS aims to produce benefits for referrers and their patients.

GP Liaison service

Information for referring GPs

Fiona Stanley Hospital

Visit the Fiona Stanley Hospital (external site) for information on referral pathways.

Fremantle Hospital

Visit the Fremantle Hospital (FH) GPs page for referral information for services including mental health and sexual health or read about the role of the FH GP Liaison role

Rockingham Peel Group

Visit Rockingham Peel Group (RkPG) (external site) for information on the catchment area for its services, referral pathways and the role of the  RkPG Hospital Liaison GP.

Contracted Medical Practitioners

Some specialists who practise privately also have access to public surgical lists at Rockingham General Hospital and Peel Health Campus. The specialists listed here require a named referral to their private rooms for an initial outpatient consultation, but where surgery is required, can provide this in a non-tertiary public hospital (where clinically appropriate) at no cost to the patient. 

Referral to one of these Contracted Medical Practitioners (CMPs) may result in shorter waiting times for patients. These referrals should be sent directly to the specialist.

NB. Where a gap fee may be payable for the outpatient appointment, this is indicated.

CMPs within the south metropolitan area