SMHS Strategic Plan 2021–2025

Becoming a Statutory Authority under the governance of a new Board in mid-2016 was the first step in delivering a clear direction for the future of the South Metropolitan Health Service (SMHS) and helping achieve our vision of excellent health care, every time.

Our refreshed SMHS Strategic Plan 2021–25 (PDF 4.6MB) focusses on a 5 year vision with priorities that aim to strengthen our reputation in the delivery of safe, high quality clinical care, including:

  • improving patient safety and quality outcomes
  • achieving high levels of clinical performance
  • encouraging leadership, innovation and engagement
  • maintaining financial sustainability through efficient and effective operations.

Embedding our values across the health service – Care, Integrity, Respect, Excellence and Teamwork – is critical to delivering on our strategic priorities.

Every SMHS staff member plays a vital role in delivering safe, high quality care to our community, and research and continual improvement are central to everything we do.

Excellence in the delivery of safe, high quality clinical care

Icon shows a person wearing a stehoscope

  • Implement a clinical excellence unit.
  • Empower our people to be innovative in our safety improvement and continuous improvement program.
  • Implement a deteriorating patient command centre.
  • Establish a single point for referrals to community subacute care.
  • Partner with key stakeholders to improve community access to acute mental health services.
Provide a great patient experience

Icon of a person wearing a stethoscope with three stars above the person's head

  • Implement a community membership scheme.
  • Deliver an outpatient reform program.
  • Educate patients to improve outcomes for surgery.
Engage, develop and provide opportunities for our workforce

Icon shows three people being held on the palm of a hand.

  • Rollout SMHS leadership development program.
  • Implement an equity, diversity and inclusion plan.
  • Develop an organisational development framework that leads us towards being an open and engaging organisation.
  • Develop a professional role diversification plan.
Strengthen relationships with our community and partners

Icon shows two hands shaking

  • Explore and develop twinning opportunities.
  • Strengthen engagement with GPs and primary care.
  • Collaborate with schools to support career pathways for local high school students.
  • Build business partnerships with the industry sector.
  • Develop robust corporate professional relationships and collaborations with tertiary institutions.
Achieve a productive and innovative organisation which is financially and environmentally sustainable

Icons shows cogs within a lightbulb to represent productivity and innovation

  • Reduce the impact the organisation has on the environment.
  • Establish a research and development biobank.
  • Develop / enhance information to decision makers.



Read the inaugural SMHS Strategic Plan 2017-2020 (4MB)