12 February 2016

Anaphylaxis resources for schools

Schools need to be allergy aware and work with parents, guardians and children in the management of anaphylaxis. 

The following resources provide guidelines and information for managing anaphylaxis in a school environment.

Curriculum resources
Curriculum activities and teaching resources have been developed by Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia (external site) in consultation with: 
  • WA Department of Health
  • WA Department of Education 
  • WA Catholic Education Office 
  • WA Association for Independent Schools.
Each teaching module contains: 
  • engaging classroom activities and learning strategies 
  • parent information sheets including home activities for families 
  • links to useful resources for teachers and students 
  • teachers' notes with concise and accurate background information 
  • teachers' guide for monitoring student achievement of learning outcomes. 

WA student health, wellbeing and safety policies
Anaphylaxis professional development for school staff
Responding to anaphylaxis immediately and appropriately
Regular practice in administering adrenaline auto injectors

Adrenaline auto injectors for general use to equip first aid kits