Applying the Healthy Options WA Policy – fundraising, events and prizes


Fundraising activities occur in nearly every WA Health Service and help to forge connections with the local community and raise much needed funds. Red food and drinks are not permitted for either external (e.g. for school and charities) and internal fundraising initiatives. Alternative fundraising ideas (external site) include entertainment books, labels for clothing and bags, tea towels and sunscreen.


The use of red food and drinks is not permitted for prizes. There are a range of alternative items (external site) such as healthy cookbooks, flowers, tea and charity donations.


Sponsorship of food and drinks or 'free' meals at events from companies and businesses can only be supported in WA Health facilities if it is consistent with the following:

  • at least 50% of items offered are green
  • no more than 20% of items offered are red
  • the remainder of the items are to be amber.

The following poster (PDF 1MB) summarises how the Policy applies in these situations.

What items are green, amber and red?

The Commonly supplied food and drink guide (PDF 1.1MB) provides a list of foods and drinks classified as green, amber and red.

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