Business rules for accessing a confidential post mortem report

The Office of the State Coroner (OSC) (external site) routinely sends copies of all forensic Post Mortem Reports (PMR) to hospitals for inclusion in the deceased patient’s medical record. Medical staff may request a copy in addition to this routine process for quality improvement purposes (e.g. completing mortality review or investigation of a SAC 1 clinical incident). The OSC sends the ad hoc report to medical staff at the same time as the routine report is provided to the hospital.

Prior to 1 July 2018, the Coronial Liaison Unit (CLU) at the Department of Health (DOH) was responsible for forwarding requests for PMRs from WA Health Service Providers (HSP) to the OSC. From 1 July 2018, should a HSP wish to request PMRs in addition to the reports routinely provided by the OSC, these requests should be sent directly to the OSC in accordance with the Business Rules for requesting a confidential Post Mortem Report from the Office of the State Coroner (PDF 216KB). The CLU at the DOH remains responsible for these business rules which have been developed in partnership with the OSC.


1. The CLU resides within the Patient Safety Surveillance Unit, Clinical Services and Research, and its primary role is to facilitate communication between the OSC and the Department of Health on matters relating to quality improvement in health care.

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