Central Referral Service – special circumstances for referrals

It is expected that there will be special circumstances in which direct referrals to specific hospitals will still be required.

Direct referrals for particular procedures

Direct referrals for procedures that currently receive referrals in this manner will continue and will not be altered by the introduction of the Central Referral Service (CRS).

An example of an existing direct referral system is the Ambulatory Surgery Initiative (ASI).

Ambulatory Surgery Initiative

The ASI is for low-risk patients who would like the opportunity to have their minor procedure performed earlier in a non-teaching hospital (that is, a general hospital).

Learn more about the ASI and how it can benefit your patients (external site)

Patient attending at a hospital outside their catchment area

Patients may receive outpatient care at a hospital that is not within their catchment area.

This may occur for variety of reasons including the patient’s need for a statewide service, wait times, and clinical need.

A CRS Clinical Priority Access Nurse (CPAN) will allocate the referral to a particular hospital.

While it is preferable for a patient to be seen at the hospital that corresponds to the patient’s catchment area, the CPAN may require the patient to be seen out of catchment.

In those circumstances the CPAN may contact the patient, referrer or hospital speciality for further information to facilitate the allocation decision.

Referrals from WA Country Health Service

Referrals from WA Country Health Service (WACHS) will be accepted by the CRS from rural GPs and hospital specialists for doctor-led metropolitan services. Please inidcate where the patient will be staying while in the metropolitan area so that this can be taken into consideration when allocating the patient to an outpatient clinic.

Central Referral Service follow-up

Some referrals may require the name of a specialist on the referral for billing purposes.

The CRS will contact to qualify further information if you have:

  • not provided the name of your preferred specialist with your referral (and it is required)
  • referred a patient to a named specialist that is out of the patient’s catchment area.

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