Frequently asked questions

Are there limits to the funding for Round 2?

Yes – the CSTAN is inviting submission for projects up to $250,000 in anticipation of awarding a limited (up to 3) number of grants. Smaller grants will continue to be encouraged and awarded in this round, particularly those with collaborative arrangements and in-kind contributions.

Are organisations other than public health service providers allowed to apply?

Yes – bona fide organisations that are relevant can apply – refer to the Clinical Simulation and Training Framework.

Can individuals apply for a grant?

No – only organisations. The CSTAN is hoping to develop a scholarship/bursary program for individuals.

Can multiple institutions apply for a single grant?

Yes – collaborative submissions are encouraged, one organisation must take the lead and be prepared to receive and manage the funding on behalf of the group.

Are successful projects eligible for the WA Health Excellence Awards?

Yes – as long as the lead organisation is a public health service provider.

Are there word limits or page limits for the written submissions?

Yes, a word limit has been placed in Section 3 of the Round 2 application form.

Is there an overall strategy for simulation in WA?

No – there have been several reviews over the last 5-10 years. Part of the reason for establishing the CSTAN is to develop a simulation strategy and research agenda. In the meantime, projects should be aligned with the Clinical Simulation and Training Framework and the Sustainable Health Review.

Do organisations have to declare any overheads and infrastructure charges in their submission?

Yes – it is mandatory for those categories of cost to be included in the budget (refer section 3 of the application form). Grants are typically provided on the basis that the project or organisation is not operating on a purely profit-driven motive.

It is recognised that some funding will need to go towards reasonable corporate overheads and this should not disadvantage any applying organisation.

Who needs to approve my submission?

Individuals cannot apply for a grant, but they can develop an application. Applications will need to be approved and signed off by an appropriate organisational representative (for public agencies this is usually in a Delegations/Authorisations Schedule).

How will conflicts of interest be managed?

Members of the CSTAN will need to declare any conflicts they have with grant applications.  This will be managed through the grant sub-committee assessment process.

I have an application over the $250,000 limit, should I still apply?

No – please consider revising the application to bring it in under the limit if possible.

Should my project be directly related to one of the ‘actions’ that are listed at the back of the Clinical Simulation and Training Framework?

Not necessarily – those actions were developed at a point in time and were residual actions from a previous review.  It’s important to describe how your proposal will benefit the WA health system, and how it is linked with the CST Framework. Certainly, one of the intentions for the Framework is that simulation stakeholders collaborate better to reduce duplication; share resources, knowledge and learning.

The outcomes from the project must contribute to the direction of the WA health system, and there is no better document to refer to than the Sustainable Health Review. There must have been a need that has driven you to create the proposal, and the need should be related to improving the delivery of health care?

Last reviewed: 01-07-2020