Clinical incident management system

What is the clinical incident management system?

The clinical incident management system (CIMS) refers to an organisation’s approved nominated information system used to notify, report and investigate clinical incidents. It may also include functions to evaluate identified recommendations.

It is a requirement to notify clinical incidents as per the Clinical Incident Management Policy into the approved clinical incident management system.

Datix CIMS is the approved WA health statewide enterprise electronic online clinical incident management system which has been used since February 2014, to capture and manage clinical incidents that occur within the WA health system.

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Clinical Incident Management and Medical Indemnity

As per the CIM Guideline 2019, any staff member can identify that a clinical incident has occurred including both salaried and non-salaried visiting medical officers. Please note that the Department of Health's medical indemnity cover will not be jeopardised by statements made by a doctor in the course of notifying activities to their employer.

The contractual medical indemnity scheme is available to all medical practitioners working in the WA Public health system. Relevant documents regarding the medical indemnity scheme for both salaried and non-salaried medical practitioners are available.

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If you are having problems with Datix CIMS please contact your local IT Staff/Helpdesk.

If you want to access previous CIMS annual reports contact the Patient Safety Surveillance Unit via email

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