Consumer, carer, community and clinician engagement

You matter diagram
The diagram provides a visual overview of the Guideline.

WA health services are highly committed to engaging with consumers, carers, the community and clinicians to improve the quality of health care in Western Australia.

The You Matter Guideline (PDF 1MB) was developed to support WA Health Services Providers (HSPs) in their engagement with consumers, carers, communities and clinicians to improve health services.

Partnerships at all levels are necessary to ensure the health system achieves the best possible outcomes for all involved. The focus of this Guideline is engagement at the service and organisational level and will assist in health service planning, service delivery and policy development.

Engagement with vulnerable or hard to reach groups by health services can be challenging. This guideline also provides direction and strategies to enable effective engagement with specific groups recognised as vulnerable.

Guideline Principles

The following principles will support and guide the HSPs to effectively engage with stakeholders:

  • Purposeful - we know what we want to achieve
  • Collaboration and Partnership - we are doing this together
  • Clear Communication - we commit to overcoming barriers to open and timely communications between stakeholders
  • Inclusiveness - all interested stakeholders are engaged
  • Transparency - we are open and honest and set clear expectations
  • Respect - we acknowledge others' expertise, perspective and needs
  • Commitment - organisational commitment and high level champions

Read the Executive Summary (PDF 46KB)

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