COVID-19 information for health professionals

Notification of COVID-19

‘Human coronavirus with pandemic potential’ was declared an urgently notifiable disease under Part 9 of the Public Health Act 2016. This includes notification of confirmed cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19). For more information go to our notifiable infectious diseases page

Furloughing of healthcare staff

View the Furloughing of healthcare staff (PDF 406KB).

Clinician alerts

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Clinician alerts - archive

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Testing for COVID-19 must occur in accordance with the COVID-19 Testing Directions (external site).

Testing criteria

Testing locations

Testing and quarantine

For more information please refer to after your test (external site).

Point of Care Serology Testing (POC)

Given the serious limitations and risks associated with the COVID-19 point of Care (POC) serology tests for acute detection and diagnostic purposes, the Chief Health Officer deemed them an unacceptable risk to be used in that way and has prohibited them under the Public Health Act 2016 (external site). The prohibition applies to all persons, whether health professionals or not and includes the acute screening of staff for work purposes.

Their use as a screening tool for people post infection and for research public health screening purposes is not prohibited. Other POC polymerase chain reaction tests are not affected by these restrictions.

Laboratory Serology Testing

An individual develops antibodies as part of an immune response to a virus. Serology testing for COVID-19 involves measuring antibody levels in a blood sample. It does not play a role in the diagnosis of acute illness, however it may be useful for the diagnosis of past COVID-19 infection. Widespread use of serology testing to determine whether a person has previously had COVID-19 is not recommended, but it can be useful in identifying historical cases of infection in a person with a compatible illness and identified risk factors, such as overseas travel or contact with a confirmed case. It can also be a useful tool to identify an index (first) case, when the source of an outbreak is unclear.

GPs to receive COVID-19 test results

COVID-19 Clinic staff are now collecting GP information (where available) with the consent of the person presenting for testing.

This information will be added to the PathWest request form and PathWest will process and send out results as per usual.

Communication of both negative and positive results to GPs, particularly for Covid-19 positive patients recovering in their homes, provides the opportunity for more comprehensive follow up as appropriate.

Laboratory testing information

Clinical guidelines

Up-to-date clinical guidelines for GPs, hospitals and health professionals.

Infection prevention and control



Position statements

The following recommendations and/or position statements have been endorsed by the WA Department of Health

Mental health

Palliative care


HealthPathways (external site) includes the latest information for COVID-19 patient assessment and management.

COVID-19 Medicines

Governance documents

Molnupiravir (Lagevrio®)

Nirmatrelvir + ritonavir (Paxlovid®)

Sotrovimab (Xevudy®)

Tixagevimab + cilgavimab (Evusheld®) – For Pre-exposure prophylaxis

Patient information sheets


For information on quarantine and isolation due to COVID-19 visit HealthyWA (external site).

Infection prevention and control and PPE

Infection Prevention and Control Advisory Group (IPCAG) – Terms of Reference (PDF 182KB)

Hospitals and healthcare settings

Non-healthcare settings


Transition policies and resources

Policies and resources that assist the Western Australian (WA) health system in responding to the anticipated surge in COVID-19 community transmission and continue to provide excellent care to our community.

More information

Vaccination program

Latest advice and updates on the COVID-19 vaccination program including:

  • WA Health response
  • Vaccination information for health providers
  • Safety of COVID-19 vaccines
  • Vaccination clinic signage
  • Subscribe to vaccine updates

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Last reviewed: 16-05-2022