Could I have it?

Could I Have It? (external site) is a campaign website designed for young people aged 15 to 35. It features:

  • credible and up-to-date information about sexually transmissible infections (STIs) and blood-borne viruses (BBVs)
  • an STI risk assessment quiz. Those identified as ‘at risk’ are offered a personalised PathWest form which they can download and take to a PathWest clinic for testing.
  • a Find a clinic function to search for local sexual health clinics
  • an Ask a question function where questions about sexual health are answered confidentially by sexual health nurses within 48 hours. 

A suite of campaigns drive visitors to, including:


  • To provide accurate, up-to-date information about STIs and BBVs 
  • To increase awareness of STIs and BBVs among young people in Western Australia
  • To increase awareness about the ease of prevention and testing for STIs and BBVs among young people in Western Australia
  • To provide a comprehensive list of clinics that can support young people in Western Australia to get information about and tested for STIs and BBVs
  • To provide a sexual health quiz and online test with downloadable PathWest form to simplify the testing process for chlamydia and gonorrhoea
  • To provide an Ask a Question function to provide young people in Western Australia with confidential sexual health advice in a contemporary and relevant  environment 

Target audiences

Primary — Young people aged 16 to 35

Secondary — Parents and people/ organisations working with young people aged 16 to 35

We want your feedback

Please contact us with any questions or suggestions about how we can improve the couldihaveit website.

More information

Address: 189 Royal St, East Perth, WA 6004
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