Disability Health Network

The Disability Health Network aims to improve health outcomes for people with disability by enabling consumers, families and carers, health professionals, hospitals, health services and the WA Department of Health to engage and collaborate effectively to facilitate health policy and increased coordination of care across the State.

Network lead and membership

The Network is led by Stephanie Coates and Jocelyn Franciscus, They are supported by an Executive Advisory Group of representatives from the Department of Communities, Health Service Providers, Mental Health Commission, non-government organisations, general practice, research, consumers, and carers.

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Network update

Hospital Stay Guidelines

The Hospital Stay Guidelines (guidelines) support the State Disability Strategy 2020-2030 and its guiding principles and acknowledges the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The guidelines aim to inform people with disability and their support networks, disability service providers and hospital staff of their respective roles and responsibilities throughout a person’s stay in hospital in WA. The goal of the guidelines is to improve the hospital experience for people with disability and empowering people to have more say in their healthcare.

COVID-19 resources

COVID-19 forum for people with disabilities and their supports

The State Health Incident Coordination Centre in partnership with the Disability Health Network hosted an online forum for People with Disability. We also collaborated with People with Disabilities WA, Developmental Disabilities WA and Carers WA.

The Forum was in response to people with disability and their supports seeking specific disability-related information regarding COVID-19.

The Forum included presenters from:

  • The State Health Incident Coordination Centre
  • WA COVID Care at Home
  • National Disability Insurance Agency
  • WA COVID-19 Vaccination Program
  • State Welfare Incident Coordination Centre
  • Office of Disability.

A recording of the event can be viewed on the WA Health training YouTube channel (external site) until Friday 11 March, 2022. There is also an Auslan version of the video (external site).

Requests for the written transcript or Auslan inclusion can be directed to healthpolicy@health.wa.gov.au

WA Disability Health Framework 2015 – 2025

The WA Disability Health Framework will help health services to consider disability issues when developing policy and designing services, which will lead to improved health outcomes for people with disability.

The Framework was developed by the Disability Health Network using a consultative approach.

Toolkit for Change


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