Ear, nose and throat frequently asked questions

Please find below the frequently asked questions regarding ear, nose and throat (ENT) referrals from General Practitioners (GPs).

Q. Can I continue to use existing Central Referral Service forms for ENT related referrals?

A. Yes, referrals for ENT specialist services should continue to be submitted using the Central Referral Services forms.

Q. Why would a hospital return my referral instead of simply booking an appointment?

A. Currently there are large volumes of patients on public hospital ENT waitlists. According to recent waitlist audits many of these patients do not have strong clinical indications for specialist services and this is delaying care for those who do.

Many patients with ENT conditions do not require specialist care such as surgery and may be optimally cared for in the community through their GP.

Q. What are the practice guidelines for managing these conditions in primary care?

A. Please refer to the Western Australian Primary Health Alliance HealthPathways WA website. Please email the HealthPathways team to obtain the login details: healthpathways@wapha.org.au. HealthPathways are currently working on responding to the new criteria and will have all the ENT pathways adapted to WA as soon as possible.