Events registration

COVID-19 State of Emergency Declarations:

Please refer to the current Directions related to prohibited gatherings, restriction of activities and closure of affected places.

The Department of Health is encouraging all event organisers and local governments to register approved events. This will be important as the State moves into Phase 4 of the COVID-19 WA Roadmap, as many events previously cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions are likely to be rescheduled, while new events are being planned. An updated events calendar will be published on this page in the near future.

Due to the cancellation of events under current Directions, the events calendar has temporarily been removed from this page.

The events registration form is designed for public event organisers to inform the Department of Health of upcoming events to be held throughout WA.

A public event includes fetes, concerts and outdoor music festivals, school concerts, carols, family day events, routine sporting events, non-competitive motor racing, State grand finals, equestrian events, extreme sports or an event with camping.

We use the information to:

  1. Create an events calendar. The calendar helps the public, event organisers, police and government agencies to see what events will be occurring in their area
  2. Liaise with event organisers and other stakeholders to ensure WA events run smoothly, and are safe, enjoyable, and of a high quality and
  3. Advise hospitals and other health and emergency services to ensure a coordinated, comprehensive response when high risk, multiple or concurrent events are expected in a location which would otherwise have the potential to impact on local services.

The calendar is emailed to hospitals, other health and emergency services during the first week of every month. The most up to date calendar is available at the link at the top of this page.

While we make every attempt to ensure all emergency services are kept up to date, we cannot guarantee that the recipients share the calendar internally, particularly with regional offices; therefore we ask that organisers continue to notify local emergency services of their upcoming events in order to meet the obligations under the Guidelines for Concerts, Events and Organised Gatherings (PDF 110KB).

Your help is needed to make sure the calendar is as up-to-date as possible.

Please contact or the Environmental Health Directorate on 9222 2000 should you have any questions, or if you require assistance completing the form.

Please note this registration page is for event organisers only, not for private functions such as weddings or birthdays.

Events registration form

Please register your WA public event using the form below.