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COVID Safe Events

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The current Activities and Gatherings Directions (No 2) (external site) requires all events, with more than 500 patrons to develop an approved COVID Event Plan, register the event with the Department of Health and maintain a contact register in order to proceed.

The Contact Register Directions (external site) set out the requirements in relation to mandatory Contact Registers, which also applies to events.


The following resources are available to assist in developing and reviewing COVID Event Plans:

COVID Event Updates

 For the latest COVID-19 event updates, please subscribe to the Department of Health’s newsletter (external site)

Submission timeframes for high risk COVID Event Plans

  • High risk COVID Event Plans must be submitted to the Department of Health a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the event being held.
  • Each COVID Event Plan will be reviewed by the Department of Health a maximum of two times.
  • The outcome of the review will be in the form of APPROVED or REJECTED.

Event Calendar

Below is the most current Event Calendar for the period between May and October 2021.

Please note: Events included on the events calendar have not necessarily been approved in line with current regulatory requirements. The calendar is an advisory tool only. Contact the relevant local government for more information about specific events.

Event Calendar

From 11:59pm, 24 September 2020, all public and private events with more than 500 patrons must be registered with the Department of Health in order to proceed. Event registrations are used to generate the Event Calendar. We use the information to:

  1. Create an events calendar. The calendar helps the public, event organisers, police and government agencies to see what events will be occurring in their area
  2. Liaise with event organisers and other stakeholders to ensure WA events run smoothly, and are safe, enjoyable, and of a high quality and
  3. Advise hospitals and other health and emergency services to ensure a coordinated, comprehensive response when high risk, multiple or concurrent events are expected in a location which would otherwise have the potential to impact on local services.

The calendar is emailed to hospitals, other health and emergency services during the first week of every month. The most up to date calendar is available at the link at the top of this page.

While we make every attempt to ensure all emergency services are kept up to date, we cannot guarantee that the recipients share the calendar internally, particularly with regional offices; therefore we ask that organisers continue to notify local emergency services of their upcoming events in order to meet the obligations under the Guidelines for Concerts, Events and Organised Gatherings (PDF 110KB).

Your help is needed to make sure the calendar is as up-to-date as possible.

Event Registration

All public and private events with more than 500 patrons must be registered with the Department of Health in order to proceed. Event organisers, please register your event using the form below.

Please contact or the Environmental Health Directorate on 9222 2000 should you have any questions, or if you require assistance completing the form.

Event registration form

Please register your WA public event using the form below.