Food regulation committees

Food Regulation Standing Committee

The Food Regulation Standing Committee (FRSC) is a group of senior public officials that coordinate policy advice to the COAG Legislative and Governance Forum on Food Regulation (FoFR).

The Director of Environmental Health represents the Western Australian Department of Health on this committee.

The primary objective of FRSC is supporting a nationally consistent approach in the implementation and enforcement of food standards.

The FRSC is supported in its role by the Implementation Sub Committee for Food Regulation.

Implementation Subcommittee for Food Regulation

The Implementation Subcommittee (ISFR) is a subcommittee of the FRSC.

Its role is to work towards a consistent approach to the implementation and enforcement of food regulations and standards throughout Australia.

The ISFR periodically publishes the Summary of Meeting Outcomes (external site) from their half yearly meetings as part of its engagement with local government.

Local government and relevant groups are encouraged to view these documents at the Food Regulation Secretariat website (external site).

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