WA food regulation

The Food Act 2008 (external site) is the principal piece of legislation regulating the production and sale of food in Western Australia with the Food Regulations 2009 (external site) as the subsidiary legislation.

This legislation provides food safety regulation over the entire food supply chain – from paddock to plate.

The Food Act and the Regulations adopt the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (external site) which covers cleanliness, sanitation, hygiene, food serving practices and a whole range of other aspects that go into the preparation and provision of food.

The Food Act applies to all food businesses involved in the production and sale of food in Western Australia and encompasses a wide range of food safety issues to ensure that consumers can be confident about the safety of the food they buy and eat.

On this page you will find a number of tools and resources to help you understand the requirements of the legislation.

Fact sheets

A series of fact sheets have been produced in an easy to read format to assist you to understand particular topical matters related to the Food Act 2008 (WA).  

Food Unit notices

Also available are a series of Food Unit notices, designed to educate and inform stakeholders about  legislation that impacts them, and what they  can do to ensure they comply with the law. 

Food for Thought

The Food for Thought newsletter is a quarterly publication about topical food safety and legislative matters and the current priorities of the Food Unit.

From time to time we host educational seminars and workshops which are advertised via our events listing.

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Contact information

  • Food businesses should contact the relevant local government environmental and public health services for all food related matters. Refer to the online local government directory (external site) for contact details.
  • Food businesses in Kings Park, Rottnest Island, or locations not within a local government district, contact the Environmental Health Directorate by emailing foodsafety@health.wa.gov.au
  • Local government enforcement agencies can email foodsafety@health.wa.gov.au for further support
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