FutureHealth WA

FutureHealth WA (FHWA) was a 2013 state government initiative (external site), which allocated an additional $30 million for health and medical research (HMR) over four years, from 2013-14 to 2016-17.

The FHWA initiative was administered by the Research and Innovation Office in the Department of Health.


FutureHealth WA was constituted to provide assistance to programs or projects for supporting or carrying out research:

a) aimed at:

  • understanding or improving, directly or indirectly, the health of human beings
  • enhancing the quality, efficiency or effectiveness of health or medical care in human beings
  • fostering a culture of excellence and innovation which contributes to the strategic development and growth of health and medical research in Western Australia

b) to be conducted substantially in Western Australia or involving significant participation by Western Australian researchers.

The underpinning FutureHealth WA aims were therefore intended to be inclusive of the continuum of HMR and its supporting infrastructure in WA, foster the state-wide and strategic development of WA HMR and be based on excellence. Within this framework, FutureHealth WA supported a range of strategies in pursuit of its purpose, as described above.


A number of FHWA initiatives were approved by the Minister for Health. Links to details of these initiatives are listed below.  Between announcement of the FHWA initiative in 2013 and the end of the 2014-15 financial year, approximately $13 million was spent or committed through FHWA to support activities that contribute to improving HMR in WA.

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