FutureHealth WA – Research Education and Training Program

The FutureHealth WA, Western Australian Health Translation Network (WAHTN) Research Education and Training Program’s aim is to improve the standard of health and medical research in Western Australia by providing training for all WA health and medical researchers.

The research education and training program will provide information on a wide range of research-related topics and will be delivered via an online learning management system.

An education and training website will serve as a central location for this system, as well as other research education and training information and will provide a point of access to educational tools and materials.

An additional outcome of this program will be the development of a comprehensive advertising and promotion strategy across the State.

Visit the WAHTN website (external site) for news and events, organisational structure and contact information related to the WAHTN.

FutureHealth WA

The FutureHealth WA (FHWA) initiative is administered by the Department of Health’s Research and Innovation Office in the Division of Clinical Services and Research.

Further information about the program’s aims, current funding opportunities and past initiatives can be viewed on the FutureHealth WA landing page.