FutureHealth WA – Support for the Western Australian Health Translation Network

The Western Australian Health Translation Network (WAHTN) is a statewide consortium of major hospitals, medical research institutes and five universities, formed to capitalise on existing resources and expertise and the substantial State investment in new state-of-the-art facilities to translate research into better health for Western Australians.

The WA Department of Health has provided funding to support a small executive group which is driving the development of the WAHTN.

The activities of the WAHTN will contribute to a number of benefits for health and medical research in WA, including:

  • enhanced opportunities for, and acceleration of, translation of health research into policy and practice
  • greater recognition of WA's research excellence on the national and international stages
  • improvements in research leadership quality
  • new innovative biomedical, clinical, public health and health services research
  • new efficient structures and systems to bring healthcare problems to researchers
  • strong collaboration amongst research, translation, patient care and education programs of the WAHTN
  • the sharing of infrastructure and technology and common governance through interdisciplinary collaboration across multiple institutions.

Visit the WAHTN website (external site) for news and events, organisational structure and contact information related to the WAHTN.

FutureHealth WA

The FutureHealth WA (FHWA) initiative is administered by the Department of Health's Research and Innovation Office in the Division of Clinical Services and Research.

Further information about the program's aims, current funding opportunities and past initiatives can be viewed on the FutureHealth WA page.

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