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The importance of access to effective primary care is recognised globally as a factor in improved health outcomes. In Western Australia (WA), the general practitioner/general practice (GP) primary care workforce has been the focus of strategic planning, recognising the impact on reducing preventable hospital presentations and admissions.

The Office of the Chief Medical Officer (OCMO) commenced a review of GP workforce supply and training in November 2016. The key findings, which were presented in the GP Report (PDF 1MB), included that workforce shortfalls, maldistribution and training issues were impacting upon GP workforce sustainability. The report recommended that priority be given to optimising WA’s GP workforce training pipeline.

In September 2018, a mandate was received to progress development of a hospital GP training pathway in WA (the pathway) through implementation of a two-year pathway pilot (the pilot), under the governance of the GP Project Committee (GPPC).

The pilot, which commenced in January 2020, is a collaboration between the WA health system, participating private employing health services, and WA’s regional training organisation: WA General Practice Education and Training Ltd (WAGPET).

The pilot has the support of the Australian Government Department of Health, and the GP Colleges: the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine and Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

The intent of the pilot is the implementation of a sustainable pathway that will optimise GP training in WA hospitals.

The guiding principles and methodology for the pilot for 2021, which are described in the GP pilot framework for 2021 (PDF 803KB), build in flexibility and reflect that the hospital training years provide a foundation for success in community GP training and the future provision of comprehensive GP primary care.

Key elements of the pilot currently include:

  • a pilot phase before integration of the pathway into EHS business as usual
  • support for Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) vocational trainees (GP registrars) in their hospital training year to achieve optimal preparation for entry to community GP training over one to two years through:
    • equitable access to GP-suitable clinical experiences
    • allocation to a combination of essential, preferred and other GP-suitable rotations (rotational matrix)
    • the option to undertake an additional hospital training year.
  • monitoring and evaluation of the pilot to ensure a process of continual improvement.

The focus of the pilot in 2020 was on supporting AGPT registrars completing their Core Clinical Training and/or Hospital Training Time. The pilot is being expanded for 2021 to accommodate Resident Medical Officers (RMOs) with GP intent who are planning to apply for the AGPT within the next 12 months, where there are unfilled GP-suitable rotations.

For information on the pilot, including the GP-suitable rotations made available to GP pilot participants in 2021, please refer to the GP pilot framework for 2021 (PDF 803KB). 

For more information on the pilot, eligibility criteria and applications processes, please refer to the GP pilot FAQs (PDF 264KB).

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