General Practice Project – Pilot Information

The importance of access to effective primary care is recognised globally as a factor in improved health outcomes. In Western Australia (WA), the general practitioner/general practice (GP) primary care workforce has been the focus of strategic planning, recognising the impact on reducing preventable hospital presentations and admissions.

Approximately 150 vocational GP trainees (GP registrars) are employed every year in WA hospitals (public and private) completing Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) requirements. Historically there has been minimal visibility of, or advocacy for, this cohort.

The GP Project was initiated in September 2018 to progress the recommendation of the GP Report (PDF 1MB) that a GP workforce training pathway be developed for WA to improve GP workforce sustainability.

The intent of the GP hospital training pathway pilot (the pilot pathway), which commenced in January 2020, is to enhance GP training in WA hospitals through:

  • increasing the profile of GP training among junior doctors and staff at WA hospitals
  • optimising the hospital training time of current and future GP registrars to prepare them for entry to community GP training through:
    • more equitable access to GP-suitable clinical experience
    • access to a GP-suitable rotational matrix at each employing health service (EHS) made up of Resident Medical Officer (RMO) rotations that have been identified by WA General Practice Education and Training (WAGPET) as providing relevant and useful preparation for community GP training
  • monitoring and evaluation to ensure a process of continual improvement
  • potential integration of the pilot pathway into EHS business as usual in 2023.

The GP Pilot Pathway is a collaboration between the Department of Health, EHSs (public and private), and WAGPET. It is governed by a committee of stakeholders, the General Practice Project Committee, and has the support of the GP Colleges and the Australian Government Department of Health.

The GP pilot Pathway framework for 2022 (PDF 803KB) has been finalised.

Expressions of interest (EOI) for the GP Pilot Pathway in 2022 are now open to junior doctors with GP training intent that have applied for the AGPT for 2022, or plan to apply for the AGPT for 2023.

To submit an EOI, email before 19 August 2021. Please include ‘GP pilot EOI’ in the email subject line and ensure the following information is provided:

  • Post-graduate year (PGY) level in 2022
  • Ahpra registration status
  • Planned EHS in 2022, including position type/length of contract and current status (applied/confirmed)
  • Planned timeframe for applying to the AGPT 2021 or 2022
  • Rural intent, if applicable
  • Metro and/or rural Community Residency Program (CRP) intent, if applicable
    • Please note a CRP term may provide primary care and/or paediatrics exposure depending upon the placement. CRP EOI processes are separate to those of the GP Pilot Pathway.

For additional information on the application process and GP Pilot Pathway, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions 2022 (PDF 364KB) .

For more information, please contact Medical Workforce.

Last reviewed: 08-06-2021
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