Office of Population Health Genomics

The Office of Population Health Genomics (OPHG) was established in 2001 to help optimise the health benefits of genomic knowledge for the population of Western Australia.

To achieve this, we develop system-wide and service-specific public policy that draws on stakeholder engagement and collaboration, and research outcomes. This helps governments decide what actions should be taken to address genomics issues and deliver population-based screening programs, at the state and national levels.

OPHG uses population health approaches to implement strategies that prevent disease and disability where possible, and promote health and wellbeing. These outcomes stem from: earlier diagnoses and interventions; more effective treatments; and provision of accessible and high-quality services; resulting in better outcomes for the population and the public health system more generally.

Core functions

OPHG strives to ensure WA Health remains at the forefront of genomics in clinical practice and public health. To achieve this, OPHG:

  • provides strategic leadership, planning and direction for the integration of genomics knowledge and technologies into the WA Health system
  • support Health Service Providers to deliver WA Health programs and services that are safe, equitable, accessible, efficient and effective.

The following diagram illustrates the core functions of OPHG.

Diagram showing the core functions of the Office of Population Health Genomics

Current projects

OPHG is constantly involved in a range of exciting projects at state, national and international levels. Key priorities of OPHG currently include:

The OPHG team

OPHG achieves its core functions through the work of the following three operational sections.

Community and Policy

The Community and Policy section monitor and evaluate services and programs in clinical and public health practice. The team also communicates and engages with stakeholders to keep them informed and involved in the development of evidence-based policies.

Screening Policy

The Screening Policy section aims to build knowledge and foster debate on emerging screening issues. It is also responsible for system-wide monitoring and coordination of screening in WA. To achieve this, the Screening Policy section works closely with established screening programs, providing policy and governance support as required.

Service Planning

The Service Planning section identifies and assesses unmet needs in clinical practices providing genomics services. It supports the health service providers to incorporate new knowledge, policy and genomic technology as solutions to address these needs.

Publications and resources

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