Rural and Remote Teams

Winner: Derby Paediatric Multi-Disciplinary Clinic

The Derby Paediatric Multidisciplinary (MD) Clinic is an interdisciplinary initiative committed to providing culturally responsive services to increase access to allied health services across the Derby region and surrounds.

In remote areas with a largely Aboriginal population, complex paediatric conditions are common and often compounded by difficult social, environmental, and geographical factors. Children and their families may need to access a variety of health professionals for support in different areas as well as specialist appointments at a tertiary centre. 

The MD Clinic was established in 2007 to support children and their families to access multiple health professionals at the same appointment, as well as increase collaborative goal setting and develop comprehensive interdisciplinary family-centred plans for ongoing management.

The MD Clinic team provides specialised allied health services to families with children at high risk of complex developmental difficulties; this includes children who require support from 3 or more health disciplines and those who require frequent travel to tertiary centres.  The Allied Health team support clients and families in their identification of priorities and goals, and provides functional support to increase their children’s participation in the community.