Teaching, Training and/or Research

Winner: Physiotherapy Clinical Enhancement Program Co-ordinators, Hollywood Private Hospital

Working in collaboration to develop and deliver two highly successful clinical enhancement programs in the areas of Neurology and Cardiorespiratory Medicine, Claire Tucak and Leah Epton, Clinical Leads in their areas of expertise at Hollywood Private Hospital (HPH), invested considerable amounts of their own time and skills to facilitate two programs that yielded a dramatic increase in the capabilities of the physiotherapy department in their specialist areas.

Claire and Leah developed education programs of 6-months duration that would cover the gamut of physiotherapy intervention within the areas of Neurology and Cardiorespiratory medicine. The programs were structured around regular education and practical sessions, self-directed learning, and a project to partner with consumers.

The regular practical education sessions led to both increased staff exposure to patients with complex conditions, and an increased intensity of therapy for these same patients. At the conclusion of these clinical enhancement programs, the clinical skills level of the HPH physiotherapy department has been greatly improved with two groups of advanced-skills physiotherapists who in-turn are able to pass on their knowledge throughout the department.

This education has greatly benefitted the Physiotherapy service, and ultimately led to improved outcomes for patients.