Patient Blood Management – tools, templates and resources

Policies and procedures

The following documents are samples for you to refer to as you develop the indicators necessary for your program.

The content of these sample documents was approved by multidisciplinary specialists. These items listed also satisfy regulatory expectations/requirements for delivery of care in Australia.


Guidelines for the use of RhD Immunoglobulin in pregnant women (formerly Anti-D)

RhD immunoglobulin is used to protect against Haemolytic Disease of the Newborn, which has the potential to occur in children born to women with RhD negative blood.

The following guideline has been developed to guide clinical practice for general and country hospitals providing maternity services in Western Australia.

For further information on transfusion medicine protocols relevant to maternity practice please see the King Edward Memorial Hospital clinical guidelines (external site).

Preoperative assessment

Other resources

The Blood Matters Program (external site) is a Victorian state government program for improving the quality and safety of hospital transfusion care to patients.

The work of the Blood Matters Program is supported by the Blood Matters Advisory Committee, Secretariat, working groups and through collaboration with the Australian Red Cross Blood Service.

BloodSafe e-Learning (external site) is an online education package designed to develop knowledge of blood and to encourage safe transfusion practice and the appropriate use of blood components.

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