Patient First

What is Patient First?

Patient First is a program designed to educate health consumers about the health care process and potential problems that can occur with their health care, so that they can be a more active, involved and informed participant.

What is the purpose of Patient First?

The Patient First program aims to:

  • increase a patient’s understanding of their condition to enable better decision-making through informed consent.
  • increase a patient’s awareness of the risks inherent in their health care to minimise the potential for adverse events.
  • increase a patient’s health literacy and give them the ability to self-manage their health issues.

How is Patient First being implemented in hospitals?

There are different approaches being used by different hospitals. Primarily, consumer liaison staff are responsible for the implementation of the Patient First program in hospitals.

Where is Patient First information available?

Information for consumers is available on Going to Hospital (Healthy WA).

Booklets are also available at public hospitals throughout Western Australia and are typically given to patients as part of their admission pack (though this varies at each hospital).

Some private hospitals have also shown a keen interest in involving their patients and they are able to access the consumer information on the Healthy WA website.

How will children receive a copy of the Patient First information?

All patients have the opportunity to receive a copy, including children. Parents/guardians can use the information to manage their child’s healthcare.

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