PrEP Prescribers

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a once-daily pill used by HIV-negative people as a HIV prevention method. It is now listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme as an s85 medication. This allows any medical practitioner or endorsed nurse practitioner to prescribe PrEP to eligible clients.

PrEP may be a prevention option for HIV-negative:

  • sexually active gay and bisexual men
  • trans and gender diverse people
  • heterosexual people with a HIV-positive partner who does not have an undetectable viral load
  • people who inject drugs. 

The Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Heath Medicine (ASHM), was commissioned by the Western Australian Department of Health (WA DoH) to provide training to support General Practitioners, Nurse Practitioners and other health professionals in prescribing and managing PrEP. 

Recording from the training session can be viewed here PrEP Update for GPs and Practice Nurses (external site) (Duration: 3 hours)

Clinicians interested in prescribing PrEP can access PrEP training on ASHM Online Learning Module -  'PrEP in practice: Guidance for GPs' (external site) (Duration: 40 to 60 minutes).

Current WA Department of Health trained PrEP Prescribers 

Although PrEP can now be prescribed by any medical practitioner or endorsed nurse practitioner, below is a list of practitioners who attended the PrEP training commissioned by WA DoH and agreed to have their details published online.

Dr Aisling Ni Bhroin 
Busselton Medical Practice
21 Albert Street
Busselton, 6280
Phone: (08) 9752 1133
Web: Busselton Medical Practice (external site)

Dr Amanda Sabel
Bunbury Maternity and Women's Clinic
12-16 Vasse Street
Bunbury, 6230
Phone: (08) 9778 0052
Web: Bunbury Maternity and Womens Clinic (external site)

Dr Aysen Kolat
Karratha Medical Centre
5 Sharp Avenue
Karratha, 6714
Phone: (08) 9185 3555
Web: Karratha Medical Centre (external site)

Dr Belinda Wozencroft
View Street Medical
16 View Street
North Perth, 6006
Ph: (08) 9227 0170
Web:  View Street Medical (external site)

Dr Ben MacDonald
Victoria District Medical Centre
151 Durlacher Street
Geraldton, 6530
Phone: (08) 9921 6099
Web: Victoria District Medical Centre (external site)

Dr Campbell Roth
Padbury Family Practice
73 Gibson Avenue
Padbury, 6025
Ph: (08) 9401 7566
Web: Padbury Family Practice (external site)

Dr Catherine Civil
Stirk Medical Group
32 Newburn Road
Wycombe 6057
Ph: (08) 9454 5233
Web: Stirk Medical Group (external site)

Dr Christoph Kusch
Leschenault Medical Centre
7/12 Leisure Drive
Australind, 6233
Ph: (08) 9725 8471
Web: Leschenault Medical Centre (external site)

Donna Keeley (Nurse Practitioner)
South Terrace Clinic-Fremantle Hospital
20 Ropele Drive
Fremantle, 6160 
Ph: (08) 9431 2149
Web: South Terrace Clinic-Fremantle Hospital (external site)

Dr Doret Theron
Waterhall Medical Centre
10/9 Waterhall Road
South Guildford, 6055
Phone: (08) 9573 3116
Web: Waterhall Medical Centre (external site)

Dr Eunice Chin 
Como Medical Clinic
4/34 Talbot Avenue
Como WA 6152
Ph: (08) 9450 6633

Dr Gawri Rajakaruna 
South Terrace Clinic
Fremantle Hospital 
A Block, South Terrace
Fremantle, 6160 
Ph: (08) 9431 2149
Web: South Terrace Clinic-Fremantle Hospital (external site)

Dr Goran Pervan
GP on Beaufort
691 Beaufort Street
Mt Lawley, 6050
Ph: (08) 9262 8600
Web: GP on Beaufort (external site)

Dr Hannah Taufiq
Palm Springs Medical Centre
3 Halliburton Avenue
Warnbro, 6169
Ph: (08) 9523 7300
Web: Palm Springs Medical Centre (external site)

Dr Heather Lyttle
11 Ellen Street
Subiaco, 6008
Phone: 0416 008 912

Dr Jan "Bertel" Bulten
Dianella Family Medical Centre
294 Grand Promenade
Dianella, 6059
Phone: (08) 9276 3472
Web: Dianella Family Medical Centre (external site)

Dr Jasper Mahon 
Central City Medical Centre 
14/378 Wellington Street 
Perth, 6000
Ph: (08) 9225 1188 
Web: Central City Medical Centre (external site)

Dr Jenny McCloskey
SJOG Medical Centre
Suite 11, Level 1
SJOG Medical Centre, Ellesmere Rd
Mt Lawley, 6050
Phone: (08) 9370 9329
Web: SJOG Medical Centre, Mt Lawley (external site)

Dr Juviraj Arulanandarajah 
Collins Street Surgery 
65 Collins Street 
Kalgoorlie 6430 WA 
Phone: (08) 9091 3958 
Web: Collins Street Surgery (external site)

Dr Kim Pedlow
Victoria District Medical Centre
151 Durlacher Street
Geraldton, 6530
Phone: (08) 9921 6099
Web: Victoria District Medical Centre (external site)

Dr Lisa Zhang 
Lockridge Medical Centre 
32 Weddall Road 
Lockridge 6054 WA 
Phone: (08) 6278 2555 
Web: Lockridge Medical Centre (external site)

Dr Lulama Ntloko
Sonic Health Plus - Karratha
66 Welcome Road
Karratha, 6714
Phone: (08) 9159 1800
Web: Sonic Health Plus (external site)

Dr Lydia Scott
Kimberley Regional Physician Team
Broome Hospital
Robinson Street,
Broome, 6725
Phone: (08) 9194 2222

Marina Mickleson (Nurse Practitioner)
Joondanna Medical Centre
21 Wanneroo Road
Joondanna, 6060
Phone: (08) 9443 2507
Web: Joondanna Medical Centre (external site)


King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women
374 Bagot Road
Subiaco, 6008
Phone: (08) 6458 2222
Web: King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women (external site)

Dr Melissa Roberts
Broome Regional Aboriginal Medical Service 
Dora Street  
Broome 6725 
Phone: (08) 9192 1338
Web: Broome Regional Aboriginal Medical Service (external site)

Dr Murray James-Wallace
Panaceum Medical 
233 Lester Avenue
Geraldton, 6530
Phone: (08) 9920 8111
Web: Panaceum Medical (external site)

Dr Nicole Filar 
Sexual Health Quarters 
70 Roe Street 
Northbridge, 6003 
Ph: (08) 9227 6177 
Web: Sexual Health Quarters (external site)

Dr Sally Partington 
Sonic Health Plus 
1st floor, 847 Hay Street 
Perth, 6000 
Ph: (08) 9486 4556 
Web: Sonic Health Plus- Hay Street (external site)

Dr Samantha Johnson
Burton Street Family Practice
23 Burton Street
Bentley WA, 6102
Phone: (08) 9458 4558
Web: Burton Street Family Practice (external site)

Dr Samriti Ahuja 
Secret Harbour Family Doctors 
129B/420 Secret Harbour Boulevard 
Secret Harbour, 6173 
Phone: (08) 9523 4393 
Web: Secret Harbour Family Doctors (external site)

Dr Sarah Hasnain
Victoria District Medical Centre
151 Durlacher Street
Geraldton, 6530
Phone: (08) 9921 6099
Web: Victoria District Medical Centre (external site)

Shannon Tassell (Nurse Practitioner)
Joondanna Medical Centre
1A/21 Wanneroo Rd
Joondanna, 6060
Phone: 9443 2507
Web:  Joondanna Medical Centre (external site)

Dr Tanya Smith
South Freo medical
7/195 Hampton Road
south Freemantle, 6162
Phone: (08) 6424 8397
Web: South Freo Medical (external site)

Dr Temitope Oni 
Jupiter Health Bunbury 
The Parks Shopping Centre 
26 Brittain Road 
Bunbury, 6230 
Ph: 9720 4600 
Web: Jupiter Health Bunbury (external site)

Also see a list of WA DoH approved HIV s100 community prescribers that are able to prescribe antiretroviral therapy and PrEP.

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