13 October 2014

Referral to the Western Australian Tuberculosis Control Program

Tuberculosis and Hansen’s disease are notifiable diseases under Western Australian health legislation. Notification of a case of tuberculosis or Hansen’s disease is mandatory under state law.

Tuberculosis notification process

Read the statutory notification process for tuberculosis.

Enhanced surveillance form (PDF 97KB).

Only active tuberculosis requires notification. Latent tuberculosis infection is not a notifiable condition. Active tuberculosis should be notified whenever diagnosed, even if it is not confirmed microscopically (ie. If tuberculosis is diagnosed on clinical, radiological or histological grounds), notification is required.

If tuberculosis treatment is started, notification is required in all cases. A notified case can be removed from the register if subsequently found to not be a case of tuberculosis.

TB notification reports

Current tuberculosis notification reports are available by contacting the Anita Clayton Centre on 9222 8500.

Hansen's disease notification process

Read the statutory notification process for Hansen's disease.

Referring a client

When referring a client you are requested to forward a letter detailing the individual case to email ACCadmin@health.wa.gov.au or fax to 9222 8501.

Please include the client’s:

  • name
  • date of birth
  • contact details, including current phone number.


An appointment will be made within 3 working days of the receipt of the referral.

  • Urgent appointments will be seen within 2 to 3 working days.
  • Non-urgent appointments will generally be seen within 4 weeks.

More information

WA Tuberculosis Control Program
Anita Clayton Centre

Opening hours: 8.15am – 4.15pm, Monday to Friday (Closed weekends and public holidays)
Phone: 9222 8500
Fax: 9222 8501
Email: ACCadmin@health.wa.gov.au
Address: 1/311 Wellington St, Perth 6000