Review of Community Pharmacy Ownership in Western Australia

The healthcare environment in Australia is rapidly changing. In line with this, the pharmacy sector is undergoing a period of innovation and change. New technologies are affecting how medicines are dispensed, pharmacy business models are evolving and the range of healthcare services provided by the sector is increasing. In response to these changes the Department of Health is reviewing the regulations relating to pharmacy ownership to ensure they continue to support community pharmacy in its role as a trusted partner in delivering health services.

Consultation questions

The Department of Health wishes to hear from interested parties on matters relevant to the regulation of pharmacies. In particular, the following specific consultation questions are posed.

  1. What are the lessons on pharmacy ownership from other States and Territories, and what trends should we be aware of?
  2. Are the current WA ownership laws (limiting a pharmacist to owning four pharmacies) sufficient to protect the integrity of the sector in this State?
  3. What role can pharmacies play in an integrated health care model in WA, and how does the current pharmacy regulatory model support this?
  4. What changes, if any, could the WA Government make to see the pharmacy role in the WA health system protected?

How to provide a submission

Any person wishing to make a submission to this review can do so by directly addressing the four consultation questions in writing, and:

Submitting a response through the Online Consultation Tool:

Consultation Hub (external site)

Emailing a response to:

Posting a response to:

Community Pharmacy Ownership Review
C/- Medicines and Poisons Regulation Branch
WA Department of Health
PO Box 8172 Perth Business Centre WA 6849


Submissions must be received before close of business on Friday, 8 December 2017.

Late submissions will not be accepted. All correspondence must indicate the person or organisation involved in the submission, including a name, address and details of a suitable individual contact. Submissions may be made public, unless otherwise requested.

More information

Review of Community Pharmacy Ownership in Western Australia – Discussion Paper (PDF 190KB)