Review of the Food Act 2008

The Department of Health is conducting a review of the Food Act 2008 (the Act). This involves asking stakeholders for input on whether the objects of the Act are being met and if it is operating effectively.

Why is the review being conducted?

The Minister is required to carry out a review of the operation and effectiveness of the Food Act and prepare a report on the review for tabling in the Parliament.

What will the Review cover?

The Review (PDF 559KB) shall:

1. Examine the operation and effectiveness of the Food Act 2008 in meeting its objects:

  • To ensure food for sale is both safe and suitable for human consumption.
  • To prevent misleading conduct in connection with the sale of food.
  • To provide for the application in this State of the Food Standards Code.

2. Identify, including through analysis of stakeholder submissions, any issues with the operation and effectiveness the Act, including:

  • interpretation
  • taking and analysis of samples
  • offences related to food
  • auditing
  • emergency powers
  • registration of food businesses
  • powers of entry
  • administration
  • inspection and seizure
  • procedural and evidentiary provisions
  • improvement notices and prohibition orders
  • any other relevant matter.

3. Make recommendations that will:

  • strengthen and support the objects of the Act being met
  • promote greater regulatory effectiveness.

How can I have my say?

You can contact the Environmental Health Directorate with feedback by mail or email and by completing the online survey (external site).

Call for written submissions

Written submissions are invited from all interested persons, organisations and local government. For those working in local government, please ensure that your submission is Council endorsed. If you are responding on behalf of an organisation, please ensure that the submission has your organisation’s endorsement and authorisation. Please allow time for the approval process of your organisation before the submission deadline. Any relevant evidence-based research or studies that informs your submission are welcome.

The submissions deadline has been extended until 5 May 2022. Submissions can be sent via post or email as per the contact details below.

How can I keep up-to-date with the latest information?

Visit this page regularly for updates and subscribe to Environmental Health e-News.


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