Vaccine ordering

Ordering government-funded vaccines

Order government-funded vaccines through the WA Health online ordering system (external site). The system contains order history and immunisation related links including the WA Immunisation Schedule and cold chain management

For non-standard vaccine programs, see WA Health Guideline for Accessing State Funded Vaccines and Immunoglobulin Blood Products for Public Health Control Activities (PDF 155KB) or contact your public health unit for eligibility or further immunisation advice.

All government-funded vaccines administered to patients must be recorded in the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR). Visit Guide to AIR

To become a WA Health Immunisation Service Provider (ISP), register (external site) or email

Yellow fever

The yellow fever vaccine can only be administered by accredited providers at approved WA Health Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres (PDF 235KB) who are required to comply with The National Guidelines for Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres and Providers (external site). Centres must ensure all practitioners who are prescribing the yellow fever vaccine complete the free online Yellow Fever Vaccination Course (external site) before 26 November 2021, and subsequently every three years. 

WA Health centres complete and submit the forms within The National Guidelines (external site) as follows:

  • New WA Health Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre applications:

Read and review The National Guideline (external site) then complete both Attachment A: Application for a Medical Practice to become an Approved Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre (Pages 12-14) and Attachment B: Conditions Applying to an Approved Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre (Pages 15-17). Send completed forms to and await confirmation.

  • Changes to WA Health Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre details:

Complete Attachment C: Change of Details Form (Pages 18-19 of The National Guideline (external site). Send completed form and practitioner's certificates attained from the online Yellow Fever Vaccination Course (external site) to

Rabies and Australian bat lyssavirus post-exposure prophylaxis

WA Health provides post-exposure prophylaxis and management advice, for persons with potential exposure to rabies or other lyssaviruses, including Australian bat lyssavirus.

For guidelines and information visit Rabies statutory notification and public health management.

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