Vaccine ordering

To order government-funded vaccines from the WA Department of Health, you must have a vaccine ordering account with the State’s vaccine distributor, Onelink.

Ordering government-funded vaccines

To order COVID-19 vaccines please use the COVID-19 Vaccination Administration System (external site).

To apply for a vaccine ordering account, please complete the New application for a Onelink vaccine ordering account – all providers (external site) and follow the instructions for submitting your completed application. Incomplete applications may be delayed.

Onelink holds and distributes government-funded vaccines in Western Australia for and on behalf of WA Health. Immunisation providers can order vaccines online through Onelink Australia (external site).

How to order vaccines
  1. Nominate a day once a fortnight for a vaccine order to be placed.
  2. Where possible, have one person responsible for managing vaccine stock.
  3. Complete a full stock count of all vaccines before placing an order.
  4. Login to Onelink (external site)
  5. Check your account details, including the shipping address, are correct under the 'My Account' tab, and contact Onelink (external site) if they need to be updated.
  6. Place your order under 'Order templates' online. If you think you have the wrong template please contact
  7. Order vaccine stock for one fortnight of use, plus a small buffer, if applicable. Do not overstock; aim to maintain air circulation in the vaccine fridge.
  8. Communicate specific delivery needs in the ‘Delivery instructions’ field after the order has been placed.
  9. Carefully read the terms and conditions before confirming the vaccine order.
  10. You will receive a confirmation email after your order is accepted and updates on how it is tracking.
  11. Allow up to 3 business days for processing and delivery of your vaccine order. Note there are no deliveries to country areas on Mondays and Fridays.

Ensure that all vaccines administered to patients are recorded in the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) (external site), in accordance with the Australian Immunisation Register Amendment (Reporting) Rules 2021 (external site).

Who do I contact regarding access to my account or my vaccine order?

Onelink Customer Service Team will be the first point of contact to answer provider account and vaccine order or delivery queries.

Phone: 1800 014 207

You can also use the contact us form (external site).

Receiving vaccines

Vaccines must be received by practice staff who are educated in cold chain management. Follow these steps:

  1. Sign the delivery docket and return it to the courier.
  2. STOP the TagAlert® data logger immediately after opening the box and check if the TagAlert®screen says 'OK'. If black boxes appear on the screen, one or more numbers will be illuminated on the screen, 1,2,3 and/or 4. Complete the attached form and email Onelink as soon as possible. Isolate the vaccines in the fridge while waiting for advice.
  3. If the TagAlert®screen says 'OK', promptly unpack the vaccines into the vaccine fridge.
  4. Check that the vaccine consignment matches the delivery invoice.
  5. Contact Onelink as soon as possible if there is a discrepancy.
  6. Minimise the time that the vaccine fridge door is open.
  7. Rotate vaccines so that the stock with earlier expiry is used first.
  8. Do not remove vaccines from their packets - this protects them from light and temperature fluctuation.
Storing vaccines

All immunisation providers should follow the principles of safe vaccine storage and transportation in accordance with the national vaccine storage guidelines: Strive for 5 (external site) to ensure that clients receive effective and potent vaccines.

For more information see cold chain management.

Reporting vaccine incidents and wastage

Expiry of government-funded vaccines

All government-funded vaccines that are not used before their expiry date must be reported to the WA Department of Health using the vaccine expiry wastage reporting form.

Cold chain breaches other wastage incidents

To report cold chain breaches and other wastage incidents, please refer to cold chain management and complete the cold chain breach and vaccine wastage form (PDF 127KB) if necessary.

Terms and conditions of supply of vaccines

To receive government funded vaccines, I agree to the following requirements for vaccine storage and management:

  1. I have completed this form accurately and fully.
  2. If the owner of this account cannot receive vaccines at the agreed delivery time, Onelink will be contacted immediately.
  3. Any changes to account information, including account email addresses, account premises or delivery addresses will be kept up-to-date.
  4. On receipt of vaccines, the recipient will immediately check the TagAlert® temperature indicator with the delivery; the recipient will immediately notify Onelink using the TagAlert® form if the LCD is not displaying ‘OK’.
  5. Vaccines will be immediately unpacked into a purpose-built vaccine refrigerator and stored in its original packaging.
  6. Only 1 fortnight of vaccine stock plus a small buffer will be stored on site - refrigerator will not be overfilled.
  7. This account complies with the recommended vaccine cold chain storage of temperatures between +2° and +8° as stated in the National Vaccine Storage Guidelines ‘Strive for 5' (external site).
  8. This centre follows the WA cold chain breach protocol, and follows the process outlined on the cold chain breach form to report all cold chain breaches immediately, and will not discard vaccines unless advised.
  9. If a cold chain breach is caused by a refrigerator operating outside +2° and +8°, the Western Australia Department of Health may withhold vaccine supply until after the refrigerator has been stable for 48 hours.
  10. To undertake a vaccine cold chain audit on request of the WA Department of Health.
  11. Vaccine stock is rotated regularly to avoid over-ordering and expiry wastage.
  12. This account complies with mandatory reporting of vaccination encounters to the Australian Immunisation Register.
Information for public health units

Urgent dispatch of vaccine for case contacts and/or outbreak management

A WA public health physician (PHP), infectious disease consultant, or regional immunisation coordinator (RIC) must email Onelink via to place the urgent order.

To approve replenishment of vaccine used for these purposes, the PHP or RIC should instruct the provider to place an order through Onelink (external site). Providers are required to enter the WANIDD case ID (where known) and authoriser’s name in the delivery instructions field when submitting the vaccine order.

Accessing immunoglobulin blood products for public health use

To access Normal Human Immunoglobulin (NHIg), Zoster Immunoglobulin (ZIg), and Human Rabies Immunoglobulin (HRIg), please refer to WA Health Protocol for Accessing Immunoglobulin Blood Products (NHIg, ZIg and HRIg) (PDF 410KB).

Last reviewed: 10-05-2022