WA Cancer Plan 2020-2025

The WA Cancer Plan 2020-2025 was launched by the Minister for Health, Hon. Roger Cook in February 2020. The plan provides direction for WA to achieve a well-coordinated, consumer focused cancer control system and to improve cancer outcomes for Western Australians. 

Priorities for implementation have been determined. These include a focus on the following areas:

  • Developing state-wide leadership for resolving cancer issues that span across entities
  • Improving access to supportive and psychosocial care
  • Improving care and its delivery for those surviving cancer or living with cancer on a long-term basis
  • Improving access and outcomes for Aboriginal people and those living in rural and remote areas
  • Improving cancer data collections and their utility
  • Find cancer early for those at increased risk of inherited cancers
  • Providing reliable information to empower consumers decision making
  • Embedding Optimal Care Pathways and multidisciplinary team meetings
  • Developing genomic and personalised medicine capacity for cancer diagnosis and treatment in WA
  • Improving access to clinical trials for cancer patients.

View the WA Cancer Plan 2020 – 2025

View the Priorities for Implementation (PDF 5MB

Further information regarding implementation of the WA Cancer Plan 2020-2025 is provided via stakeholder Communiqués.

More information

For further information please email cancernetwork@health.wa.gov.au 

Last reviewed: 07-09-2021
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