WA Open Disclosure Policy

Open disclosure is the “open discussion of adverse events that result in harm to a patient while receiving health care with the patient, their family and carers.”1

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The relevant policy is the OD 0592/15 WA Open Disclosure Policy (external site). The objectives of this policy are to:

  • establish a standardised approach for health practitioners working in WA hospitals/health services, to communicate with the patient and/or their nominated relatives/carers after a clinical incident.
  • ensure that communication with, and support for all affected patients and staff, occurs in a supportive and timely manner.

All WA public hospitals/health services practising open disclosure will do so in accordance with the key principles, which are outlined in further detail in the policy.

The policy outlines the processes that health practitioners and hospitals/health services in WA are to follow when informing a patient and/or their nominated relatives/carers about a clinical incident that has occurred in a WA public hospital/health service.

Compliance with the WA Open Disclosure Policy is mandatory.

Policies and reports


  1. Australian Council for Safety and Quality in Health Care. Open Disclosure Standard: A national standard for open communication in public and private hospitals, following an adverse event in health care 2003.

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