Benefits of the Aboriginal Cadetship Program

The Aboriginal Cadetship program is an ideal way to lay the foundations for a career in WA Health.

You will receive funding support during your university enrolment, and be supported to apply for a position with WA Health once you have completed your studies.

The Cadetship program offers you:

  • great employment opportunities and future career pathways
  • opportunity to develop skills and abilities
  • grow personal and professional support networks
  • gain valuable workplace experience.

Your responsibilities as an Aboriginal cadet

Your responsibilities as a cadet include:

  • advising Centrelink of the proposed  Cadetship start date if you are receiving any payments through Centrelink (for example Abstudy or Youth Allowance)
  • payment of any HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP liability
  • attending the work placement(s) provided by WA Health and achieving a satisfactory standard of work performance
  • achieving satisfactory academic results and satisfactory progress in  accordance with your course requirements
  • notifying your WA Health workplace immediately of any changes in your circumstances that may affect your obligations and responsibilities under the Indigenous Cadetship Support Agreement
  • ensuring your contact details are current and telephone calls, emails and letters from WA Health are responded to promptly
  • providing the Aboriginal Health Policy Directorate with copies of your academic results at the completion of each semester and evidence of ongoing full-time enrolment in their course of study
  • undertaking 60 days of paid work experience during a calendar year (typically this will mean a Cadet works on site 1 day per week with additional days completed as a block attendance during semester breaks or at the end of the year)
  • meeting the requirements of your WA Health contract.

Will WA Health pay my university fees?

No, you are responsible for paying your HECS fees. You may choose, however, to contribute towards these costs by using your study allowance or cadetship income.

Will my Centrelink payments be affected?

If you receive Centrelink (external site) payments then you must advise Centrelink immediately upon being accepted into the Cadetship program as it may affect your payments.

Cadets are also ineligible for Abstudy payments.

What happens when I complete my studies?

Once you graduate, you will need to provide a copy of your final academic transcript to confirm you have completed your course. On successful completion of the cadetship, you will be offered assistance to apply for a relevant role within WA Health.

More information

For further information on Aboriginal cadetships, contact:        

Melanie Robinson
Aboriginal Health Policy Directorate, Department of Health
Phone: 9222 2478

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