Video transcript – James Maddock

Hi, my name is James Maddock. Having recently completed the Graduate Development Program, I now work as a Finance and Business Analyst with the North Metropolitan Health Service. 

I loved the program, I thought it was really, really good. It exceeded my expectations.

It’s been a really smooth transition and not only that, it was something that really allowed me to develop my skills and something that’s given me a good foundation to understand the complexities and how the whole system intertwines. 

You know, I was actually surprised with the amount of responsibilities my supervisors had placed in me. They would get me to do tasks that I would not expect to be doing in that kind of graduate position and it was this kind of level of responsibility that really pushed me to develop some of my skills and has really left me in a good position for my career.

Best thing about the program, firstly the professional development that’s encouraged. Secondly, the friendships made along the way, and thirdly, is the ability to undertake 3 different placements in 3 different areas and this really allows you, at the end of the program, to decide where you fit in the organisation.

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