WA Health Assistants in Nursing

To be employed within WA Health as an Acute Care Assistant in Nursing (AIN), the qualification Certificate III in Health Services Assistance-Acute Care is required. WA Health requires AINs to hold this qualification, as it provides preparation to effectively look after patient safely and holistically while working in the hospital environment.

Acute care is provided in hospitals that deliver shorter term treatment for severe illness, following surgery, or as a result of injury. As an Acute Care AIN, you always work under the direction of a registered nurse.

Some of the duties that an Acute Care AIN can do may include:

  • helping staff keep patients safe by keeping a watchful eye on those who might be restless or confused
  • assisting patients to get in and out of bed/chairs and to mobilise within the ward environment
  • assisting patients with their meal set up and feeding
  • assisting with hygiene needs such as with showering, shaving and mouth care
  • supporting the ward team by answering patient call bells and ward telephones
  • general ward restocking, tidy and maintaining cleanliness.

To see the range of allowable duties and competencies read Assistant in Nursing Duties (April 2018)

Depending on your background and experience, there are a number of ways the Certificate III in Health Services Assistance-Acute Care qualification can be accessed:

  • No previous experience. If you don’t have previous experience in patient support work, you will be required to complete the full course.
  • Some patient support working experience. If you have already worked in some form of patient support, you may be able to shorten the coursework requirement, by negotiating and obtaining Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) with the State Training Provider.
  • Currently enrolled, completing or have completed a Bachelor of Science (Nursing). You may be able to negotiate and obtain RPL using your academic transcript to obtain the Acute Care AIN qualification with the State Training Provider.

You should contact the state training providers to obtain more information on how you can enrol into/or seek RPL of the Acute Care AIN qualification.

If you would like to enquire to find out how to undertake the full course, enquire about registered nursing student RPL or RPL for previous health support work, then please contact:

It is worth noting that an Acute Care AIN qualification can be used to fast-track your way into an amazing career in nursing or midwifery. If you decide you are ready to go further and study to become a nurse or midwife, this qualification will also allow you to get paid to work as an Assistant in Nursing while you study.

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