Why become a nurse or midwife?

Nursing and midwifery are rewarding, exciting, challenging and diverse professions that can take you anywhere. There are a number of reasons to become a nurse or midwife – here’s just a few.

Nursing and midwifery are diverse

Whether you choose to be a general nurse, a midwife, or specialise in areas such as cardiology, intensive care or mental health, your job will provide you with the flexibility to progress and learn new skills while still maintaining a life outside of work.

Nurses and midwives are in demand

As well as being in demand locally, the skills you learn are recognised globally, allowing you to work almost anywhere in the world.

Nursing and midwifery are rewarding

A huge amount of satisfaction and respect comes from making a difference in people’s lives. From working with infants to the elderly, it’s truly a rewarding experience.

Nursing and midwifery are challenging

No day is ever the same. Each patient’s needs are different and you will use a range of your skills to provide them with the best level of care.

Nursing and midwifery provide opportunities

Nurses and midwives can work in a number of settings including hospitals, community centres, home visitation and schools. They can also work in different locations, from metropolitan and regional WA to interstate and overseas.

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