GREaT information guide for parents and guardians

The Get Real Experience and Try (GREaT) – Nursing and Midwifery Work Experience Program is an initiative coordinated by NurseWest and supported by the Nursing and Midwifery Office at the WA Department of Health.

The program allows Year 10 students to experience nursing and midwifery first hand and make informed career pathway decisions prior to undertaking study with a university or state training provider.

Read more about GREaT and the application process. 

Consent to participate

If selected to participate, during the secondary screening phase of student applications parents will be required to sign the program consent, confidentiality and code of conduct forms and attach to their child’s application.

Program consent form

This form notifies the WA Department of Health that you consent to your child 

participating in this program. 

If successful, the student and their career counsellor will receive an email confirming their placement, as well as a date for mandatory orientation. The orientation will provide the student will all relevant details of their work experience, such as arrival time and their supervisor's name.

WA Health Confidentiality and Code of Conduct Agreement

Students must read and sign the WA Health Confidentiality and Code of Conduct Agreement. Parents/guardians must also sign this document as a witness of their child’s signature.

Both documents must be returned to WA Health electronically if your child is selected to participate.

Download the GREaT consent and confidentiality forms (Word 385 KB).

Other useful information 

Student immunisation records

Students must provide evidence of their current immunisation status for vaccine preventable diseases. The WA Health Communicable Disease Directorate requires students to be up to date with the following vaccinations:

  • measles, mumps, rubella – 2 doses
  • varicella (chicken pox) – 1 dose, or have had the illness as a child
  • diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough) – childhood immunisations plus the booster given in Year 7
  • influenza (recommended yearly) – the influenza vaccine is not listed as a required vaccination for this age group. However to participate in the GREaT program students are required to have the current year influenza vaccination. Students will need to make an appointment with their GP to receive this vaccination.

If you are unsure of your child’s vaccination status, please refer to written records you may have at home. For vaccinations given up until the age of 7, you can request a statement from the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register on telephone 1800 653 809. For evidence of vaccinations given after that age please contact Medicare (external site), your doctor or community immunisation provider.


Students will be allocated a registered nurse or midwife mentor during their work experience placement.

Students will shadow their mentor throughout their work experience placement, allowing them to gain exposure to the various aspects of the nursing and midwifery professions. Mentors will provide students with formal guidance throughout their placement.


Students and/or their parents or guardians are responsible for making transport arrangements to and from the work experience placement. Students will not be travelling between health sites during their placement.

Student support

Throughout their placement, students may see very sick patients and will be encouraged to debrief with their mentors and supervisors regularly. Students will have access to the staff at NurseWest who will be on hand to provide additional support and mentoring 24 hours a day.

Upon completing their placement, students will receive a morning debrief which will again take place at NurseWest. Students will also receive information on nursing and midwifery pathways and a GREaT program Certificate of Completion.

More information

For more information email NurseWest or phone 13 44 77 (option 2 then 3).

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