GradConnect offers of employment

If you receive an offer

Offers are made via the GradConnect online recruitment system.

It is your responsibility to be aware of the dates offers are made, as you are required to accept or reject offers in a specific time frame for each round.b These dates are available at GradConnect.

If you do not accept an offer by the due date your job offer will be withdrawn and offered to another applicant, and you application will be carried to the next round.

If you have accepted employment elsewhere

If you are successful in being offered a position at another hospital or health service that don't participate in GradConnect and you have also submitted an application via GradConnect, please advise us and send an email to GradConnect, so that any offers can be made to other applicants.

If you do not receive an offer

At the end of each round, unsuccessful applications are sent to the next preference listed within your application that still have positions available.

At the conclusion of the final round all remaining unsuccessful applications will be sent to all available sites with remaining vacancies, even if you have not put them as a preference. This may include areas such as mental health. This improves your chance of being offered employment as it allows your application to be considered by all available hospitals and health services with vacancies.

If your application is still unsuccessful, you will receive an email stating when the recruitment period has ended.

To assist you in improving your future employment prospects, seek feedback from individual hospitals and health services about your application you submitted and your interview if you attended one.

Other employment options

Apply for positions that are advertised on the Jobs WA website (external site). Depending on the role, the hospital or health service may consider a newly qualified nurse or midwife. However please note that some positions advertised will be seeking experienced applicants.

The private and non-government sector may also have positions available for nurses and midwives. Think about

  • GP practices
  • nursing homes
  • private hospitals that don’t participate in GradConnect
  • mine sites.

Visit their websites for more details on their application processes.

WA Health is building several brand new hospitals and expanding many other health services across the state. While positions in graduate programs are limited presently, be assured your qualifications, skills and knowledge will be highly sought in the very near future.

Is there anything else I should be doing?

  • If you’ve applied via GradConnect in the current recruitment pool, ensure that your contact details are kept up-to-date, and that you respond to any correspondence. This will assist us in keeping you informed of any additional positions being offered.
  • Check the GradConnect website regularly for updates.
  • You can also re-apply via GradConnect next time it opens for applications. This will once again be a very competitive process with additional graduates applying to enter the workforce.
  • If you had an interview, but weren’t offered a job, get feedback. All unsuccessful applicants are recommended to seek feedback from the interviewing site. The feedback they provide will help you to improve your selection criteria and/or your interview technique.
  • If you were not offered an interview, you are encouraged to seek advice on how to improve your written job application. University career services, lecturers, tutors and preceptors are good resources.

If you decline an offer

You must carefully consider any offer made to you.

If you decline a position offered to you at any hospital or health there is no guarantee you will receive an offer from another hospital or health service.

Postponing your graduate year

If you defer your graduate program, potential employers may be concerned about the long gap between completing your course and commencing your program. You will also be competing against a new group of graduates for a limited number of positions.

Remember, your first year of employment is a time to consolidate your skills and education and to understand how to practice consistently at the level expected of a health professional. The setting you work in is not the most important aspect of this year.

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