Scholarships and financial assistance

The WA Chief Nursing and Midwifery Office values excellence and innovation in nursing and midwifery care. Competent and educated nurses and midwives, who value lifelong learning, are the key to the provision of safe, excellent and quality patient care.

WA Health through the Chief Nursing and Midwifery Office offers financial assistance through initial registration scholarships, postgraduate scholarships, fellowships and grants.

The provision and allocation of financial assistance is based on an accountable and transparent process and is related to WA Health’s specific workforce requirements.

Our aim is that WA Health is the ‘employer of choice’ for graduate and experienced nurses and midwives.

We offer the following financial assistance:

Register your interest with the Financial Assistance Register (external site) to receive monthly emails with the latest updates on scholarships, fellowship and academic grants. You will be required to answer 5 questions which will enable us to provide you with the most relevant information for your studies.

Last reviewed: 11-02-2020
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