Aboriginal Health Fellowship

The Chief Nursing and Midwifery Office has a commitment to advancing Aboriginal health through research and practice improvement. The Aboriginal Health Fellowship is designed to assist innovative research or practice improvement projects to meet the needs of Aboriginal people.

This fellowship, worth up to $20,000 (can be granted to several people in smaller amounts), provides an opportunity for nurses and midwives to undertake, or complete nursing/midwifery research, or a practice improvement project.

You need to be able to demonstrate that you are:

  • working towards a higher degree such as a masters or PhD in nursing/midwifery, relating to Aboriginal Health outcomes or undertaking a significant practice improvement that will have a positive outcome within Aboriginal Health.
  • adhering to specific ethical guidelines in the Aboriginal Health Fellowship resource pack (available in resources below)
  • seeking approval and support from the community you are researching, prior to applying. 

The aim of the fellowship is to:

  • support culturally respectful projects that will foster cooperative and collaborative partnerships, innovation and needs-based research to advance Aboriginal health
  • support innovative and evidence-based research projects that have the capacity to have positive impact on Aboriginal health outcomes
  • promote cultural safety in healthcare research and practice in Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander health
  • incorporate a high level of community consultation throughout the research project including analysis and intended use of results
  • promote program development in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health reform that is evidence and needs-based.

The importance of partnerships is a core principle of Reconciliation Australia, leaders in fostering cultural recognition across industry and community in health reform not only for Aboriginal people, but for all Australians. If there is to be real change in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, there needs to be strong committed partnerships, meaningful relationships and a shared vision to Close the Gap.

Consultation was sought throughout the design of this fellowship through peak Aboriginal research and ethics bodies such as the WA Aboriginal Health Information and Ethics Committee.


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