Video transcript – Meet our team

Here at WA Health we make a difference.

Helping 2.4 million Western Australians to live healthier, longer and better quality lives.

We're developing some of Australia's newest, best and most technologically advanced hospitals and health facilities.

With a team of more than 40 000, we're a large and diverse organisation, with unlimited job opportunities across a huge range of occupations.

Rebecca King, Staff Development Educator

I think one of the really exciting opportunities for any nursing student and new nurse to the profession is that they get to complete a graduate nurse program.

I get to facilitate education with graduate nurses.

We also get to look after medical students and nursing students.

And it’s not just the nursing staff, we also get to give education to our patients as well.

In my department I am lucky enough to work with such a fantastic multi-disciplinary team, which is made up of surgeons, anaesthetists, anaesthetic technicians, students, junior doctors and an awesome nursing staff.

Dr Michael Lindsay, Managing Scientist

The main focus of our work is to minimise the risks to the community from health hazards in the environment, but if a hazard does occur that it's responded to quickly and effectively.

So we work very closely with local government and other State Government departments to minimise the risk from such diverse hazards as air pollution, impacts on air quality, mosquito-borne diseases, asbestos, pesticides, other chemicals and even things as diverse as health hazards that occur during major public events.

I'm lucky to work with a great team of environmental health officers and scientists.

We need to travel throughout the State, which obviously provides great opportunities, and I guess it’s incredibly rewarding to be able to make a difference to people's quality of life and to their health.

Susan Powe, Manager Aboriginal Health Improvement Unit

So my role involves getting out there and working with the community and working in partnership with a range of organisations.

It's a really diverse role and I get to do a fair bit of travel around the State meeting new people and going to different locations.

Professor Frank Daly, Executive Director

Well I'm really lucky because I lead a major tertiary hospital which delivers care to adult patients from right across the State, including some tertiary services like the Adult Major Trauma Centre, a major emergency department, surgery, cancer services, you name it, it's all here.

Fundamentally, my job is to support all the clinicians deliver patient care.

At Royal Perth Hospital we do 3 main things; we deliver care to patients, we do some training to help people deliver better care to patients and we do lots of research to help patients as well. And overall I'm just here to support all of that.

Oh look, it's a terrific teamwork environment, there’s a fantastic network of really highly trained professionals that all work together.

It's very satisfying looking after patients.

At the end of the day if you've been involved with patients you can always sense that you've made a difference to someone's life.

Esther Spurgeon, Receptionist

Well I love working with people and so my role is working with the public every day, answering enquiries and directing the public to the correct person in health that they need to speak to.

I began working for WA Health as an Aboriginal trainee and straight away I was a part a great team that really allowed me to successfully complete my traineeship, and I've been working for Health ever since.

Simon Pham, Project Officer

With WA Health I was fortunate enough to be part of the graduate program, which was a one-year program following my university studies.

The program allowed me to experience a whole different range of areas within the health system, such as health promotion and policy.

Sue Lee, Manager of Physiotherapy

My role is to run the physiotherapy services and they start with a newborn and mothers having their babies in hospital.

We have middle-aged people having joint replacements, we've got elderly people with mobility problems – it's never boring.

The conditions and the pay are very good, and working for the Government you can share information across health services and we do that in many ways, in all kinds of forums, it’s really a great part of the work.

Dr Jurgen Passage, Cardiothoracic Surgeon

I am employed at (Sir) Charles Gairdner Hospital as a cardiothoracic surgeon and treat patients with a variety of cardiovascular disease.

I came specifically to (Sir) Charles Gairdner Hospital to introduce new technologies that we acquired during training overseas.

This involves minimally invasive valve operations and WA Health has been very supportive in organising the necessary equipment.

We've been able to establish new treatment options for patients with mitral valve disease with the new intervention procedure, in fact it was the first performed in Australia.

Nicole Weis, Child Health Nurse

I did a community graduate program, I was then able to work with lots of different people including Aboriginal health. I've worked in child health and now I'm currently working in school health and the colleagues that I work with and my managers have been really supportive in helping me improve my professional development.

Dr Geoff, Director of Project Delivery

Fiona Stanley will be a major tertiary hospital south of the river, so full range of emergency services, dedicated helipad on the roof.

Emergency people can be brought in straight to emergency, straight into operating theatres, a full range of x-ray facilities, in-patient facilities, first cancer care south of the river, relocation of State rehabilitation services, so full range of tertiary services, particularly to meet the growing demand south of the river.

We're proud of what we do, and we're committed to doing it even better.

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